Bobcat® Trench Compactor


Bobcat® Trench Compactor


When the digging is done, finish the job with the trench compactor attachment. 

The large, wheel-type compactor compresses soil down in the trench, using a vibratory shaker box for optimum compaction in any soil type. To ensure proper RPM, the vibratory shaker box features a built-in flow regulator. 

The trench compactor attachment works most efficiently in trenches four to 12 in. wide, and up to four feet deep. Power into the soil and pack it down with force. For trenches that are more than two feet deep, backfill and compact the soil in two or three layers to achieve desired compaction. 

This attachment is ideal for locations such as backyards, golf courses, and parks. It finishes off any trenching job, working to power down and compress the soil for a neatly-packed trench.

Top Tasks

  • Compacting soil in the trench after laying cable, power, and water lines
  • Replaceable Pads: For easy attachment maintenance while on the jobsite. Standard pads compact up to 8 in. wide trenches and optional wide pad kit compacts up to 12 in. wide trenches.
  • Vibratory Shaker Box: Designed for trouble-free operation, the vibratory shaker is a double-gear, oil-bath style box, with a built-in flow regulator to ensure proper RPM.


Operating Weight 1400 lb
Length 57 in
Width 48 in
Height 59 in
Working Depth 27 in
Working Width Standard Pad 4.5 - 6.75 in (114-171 mm)
Working Width Wide Pad 8.0 - 10.25 in (203-260 mm)
Wheel Diameter 46.5 in
Dynamic Force 7000 lb
Vibrations/Min. 2200 @ 18 GPM


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