Bobcat® Standard Duty Bucket


Bobcat® Standard Duty Bucket

The Bobcat Standard Duty Bucket is an economical option to meet the demands of your tough jobs. Ideal for standard duty grading, leveling and material handling. Highly flexible with some of Bobcat’s greatest features, options and accessories including the quick attach cast pads, pre-drilled holes for many of the Bobcat bucket options and excellent visibility to the cutting edge.

Top Tasks

  • Standard duty grading and leveling
  • Material handling


  • Skid bar design: Provides wear protection to bottom of bucket; backs up the cutting edge and adds strength to the bottom of the bucket
  • Low back and longer bottom: Improve cutting edge visibility and increase capacity
  • Bolt-on cutting edge: Provide longer life to your loader’s bucket
  • Utility Grapple: Quickly converts your bucket into a grapple for handling loose materials on the farm or construction site


Options and Accessories

  • Bucket Bite® Tooth Bar: Quickly convert your smooth-lip bucket into a toothed bucket
  • Bucket spill guard: Bolts onto the top of your bucket to reduce material boiling or falling over the back of the bucket
Bucket Sizes 56" 62" 68" 74"



Operating Weight 318 lb 336 lb 354 lb 373 lb
Length 31.3 in 31.3 in 31.3 in 31.3 in
Width 56 in 62 in 68 in 74 in
Height 19.8 in 19.8 in 19.8 in 19.8 in


Bucket Specs

ISO Heaped Capacity 10.7 ft³ 12 ft³ 13.3 ft³ 14.5 ft³
ISO Struck Capacity 8.1 ft³ 8.9 ft³ 9.8 ft³ 10.7 ft³
Predrilled For Bolt-on Edges or Teeth Bolt-on Edges or Teeth Bolt-on Edges or Teeth Bolt-on Edges or Teeth

Compatible Carriers 

Skid Steer Loaders
Bobcat S550


Bobcat S570





Bobcat S590





Bobcat S595





Bobcat S630





Bobcat S650





Compact Track Loaders
Bobcat T550





Bobcat T590





Bobcat T595





Bobcat T630





Bobcat T650





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