V-Blade | Bobcat

V-Blade | Bobcat

Size: 60"
General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Bobcat

Bobcat® Snow V-Blade


Plow through the deepest drifts and push large piles of snow with the snow V-blade attachment. 

Fingertip controls make it easy to configure the hydraulically operated blade, tackling any snow removal job on the go. And the standard, high-carbon steel cutting edge maximizes snow removal capabilities of the snow V-blade. Snow V-blades feature a trip moldboard this reduces potential impact damage to the snow V-blade if the it contacts sections of raised concrete on sidewalks, manholes or other obstructions.

With five blade configurations, the snow V-blade can be positioned multiple ways for maximum attachment versatility. Options include:

  • Scoop blade collects and holds snow for removal to another area. For final cleanup, pile it high.
  • V-blade cuts an initial pathway fast through deep, heavy or hard-packed snow.
  • Angle blade (left) quickly and easily moves snow to your left.
  • Angle blade (right) moves snow to the right.
  • Straight blade gives maximum width for piling snow banks and cleaning light snow cover.


Top Tasks

  • Clear deep snow from parking lots, driveways, and roadways
  • Scoop and pile snow
  • Plow through deep drifts
  • Cutting Edge: High-carbon steel cutting strength delivers maximum snow removal power. Also, cutting edge is reversible. Optional rubber cutting edge available.
  • Fingertip Controls: Choose from five different blade configurations without leaving the comfort of the cab, allowing for blade positioning on the go.
  • Flotation Kit: Optional frame flotation kit oscillates blade +/– 10 degrees to improve performance on uneven terrain and follow the contour of the ground independently of the carrier. Applications include snow removal on sloped parking lots, streets, driveways, and sidewalk approaches.
  • Multi-Position Frame: Allows blade to be raised or lowered to desired working height.
  • Skid Shoes: Domed and adjustable, skid shoes provide operator and component protection.
  • Versatility: Five blade positions for versatile attachment operation. Use it as a V-blade to clear a path through deep snow; as a scoop blade to scoop, push or pile snow; a straight blade to pile large amounts of snow; and as an angle blade to push snow to the right or left.
V-Blade Sizes 60" 72" 84" 96" 108"



Operating Weight 660 lb 738 lb 779 lb 824 lb 868 lb
Length 40 in 47.3 in 47.3 in 47.3 in 47.3 in
Width 62 in 74 in 86 in 98 in 110 in
Height 28.5 in 32.8 in 32.8 in 32.8 in 32.8 in
Height w/ Blade Extension 28.5 in 32.8 in 32.8 in 32.8 in 32.8 in
Working Width-V-Blade 54 in 64.5 in 75 in 85.5 in 96 in
Working Width-Scoop Blade 53 in 63 in 74 in 84 in 95 in
Working Width-Straight Blade 62 in 74 in 86 in 98 in 110 in
Working Width-Angled Blade 54 in 64 in 75 in 85 in 95 in


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