Bobcat® Bucket, Fertilizer and Grain - Loader


Size: 60"
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Bobcat® Bucket, Fertilizer and Grain - Loaders


Fertilizer and grain buckets have large capacities and more roll-back range. The greater roll-back allows granular materials to be easily held in the bucket by minimizing spillage over the front edge. The large capacity boosts productivity.

Top Tasks

  • Fertilizer and grain handling


  • Increased Roll-Back Angle: Reduces spillage
  • High Capacity: Carry more material per load

Low Profile Bucket

Bottom of the Bobcat low profile bucket.

Similar in design to a C/I bucket, but with slightly less breakout force. Has a longer bottom to provide excellent cutting edge visibility and increased capacity. This is the most popular Bobcat bucket

Dirt Bucket

Bobcat T630 compact track loader moves material with a dirt bucket.

The standard bucket on smaller Bobcat loaders. Provides excellent breakout force and fair visibility. Similar to the general purpose bucket, but with a shorter bottom.

General Purpose Bucket

Bobcat Mini track loader with a general purpose bucket carries rock to create a foundation.

Similar in design to a dirt bucket, but with a longer bottom to provide good cutting edge visibility and increased capacity. The standard bucket for Toolcat™ machines and a good choice for low-hour users on some larger loaders.

Heavy-Duty and Severe-Duty C/I Bucket

A heavy duty bucket attachment is used to lift dirt by a foundation wall.

Designed for larger Bobcat loaders and compact track loaders, these buckets feature a higher back and longer bottom than standard C/I buckets and have additional strength in key areas.

Snow/Light Material Bucket

Bobcat snow bucket is used to pile up a snow in a parking lot.

These are large capacity buckets for loading and handling various light materials such as snow and mulch. They have high backs to help with pushing snow, and straight sides to penetrate snow and mulch piles.

Construction/Industrial Bucket

Ideal for everything from tough digging to material handling. Construction and Industrial buckets offer fair cutting edge visibility and excellent bucket breakout force for better digging and easier bucket filling. Bolt-on grapple attachment adds to versatility.

Bucket Sizes






Operating Weight 358 lb 500 lb 507 lb
Length 36.6 in 46.6 in 46.6 in
Width 60 in 66 in 72 in
Height 22.6 in 28.5 in 28.5 in


Bucket Specs

ISO Heaped Capacity 16.6 ft³ 30.3 ft³ 32.8 ft³
ISO Struck Capacity 13.2 ft³ N/A N/A
Predrilled For Bolt-on Edges Bolt-on Edges Bolt-on Edges


Compatible Carriers 

Skid Steer Loaders
Bobcat S70



Bobcat S450


Bobcat S550




Bobcat S570




Bobcat S590




Bobcat S595




Bobcat S630



Bobcat S650



Bobcat S740


Bobcat S770


Compact Track Loaders
Bobcat T450



Bobcat T550




Bobcat T590



Bobcat T630


Bobcat T650


Bobcat T740


Bobcat T770


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