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Blackhawk Mulcher by Fecon


The BLACKHAWK™ is the mulcher to tackle vegetation management and land clearing needs in stringy, fibrous, dense and fast-growing materials typically found in regions with higher temperatures and longer growing cycles.

The BLACKHAWK™ is designed to quickly process stubborn standing vegetation and will pick up and feed felled material to ensure no unprocessed material is left behind.

The BLACKHAWK’s ROTOR is designed with:

  • Optimal sizing for quick spool up and immediate recovery.
  • Reversible tools to maximize tool life and value.
  • A lacing pattern to process material efficiently, optimizing production and tool life.

The BLACKHAWK’S CUTTING CHAMBER is manufactured with:

  • 5/16” thick AR steel
  • Sectioned bolts in replaceable sheer bars at infeed and discharge points
  • Optional replaceable liner

Other design features include:

  • Produces consistently fine chip size
  • Broadcasting front discharge
  • Ease of operation


Working Width 76″
Overall Width 91"
Standard Weight 2,700 lbs
Flow range
Max 45 GPM
56" w/ Push Bar
Pressure Max 6,000 PSI
Cutting Tools 30

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