Camso HXD Over the Tire Track- 10x16.5

  • $3,450.00

10x16.5 Camso Over the Tire Track

* Wheel Spacers may be required for your machine

Quick mount attachment for tracked performance

An over-the-tire add-on that increases skid steer loader traction, flotation and tire life. Installed in only 20 minutes, it’ll enhance the productivity of your skid steer loader on asphalt, concrete and turf surfaces without causing damage or marks. The Rubber Over the Tire Tracks allows you to operate on soft surfaces with a minimal footprint.  

Terrain: Sand, Turf, Snow

Sold as a set of two tracks.  Spacers not included, but are required on certain machine makes/models. 

  • Tires need to have air
  • Tires need to be R4 tread pattern
  • Tires are recommended to be run at max air pressure
  • Some aesthetic wear on the sidewall of the tire can be expected when OTT's are used as an attachment