Why Choose Bobcat Attachments?

Loaders / Attachment Versatility

Bob-Dock Attachment Mounting System - Loaders

Leaving the cab to switch out hydraulic attachments can eat up the most productive times of your day. Keep your productivity high by using the Bob-Dock™ attachment mounting system to quickly change out hydraulic attachments by pressing a switch. Once you have it. you'll never want to get rid of it!

Uptime protection

Defend against downtime. The floating coupler block provides movement and flexibility to retain strong, easy and repeatable connections in addition to longer overall coupler life. The system also reduces the risk of damage due to an operator forgetting to disconnect hydraulic hoses from an attachment before moving the machine.

Switch out for the right attachment in seconds. When you’re up against a hard deadline, you know how valuable each minute is. The Bob-Dock mounting system allows you to switch from one hydraulic attachment to another in seconds, allowing you to keep making progress toward a finished project.

Only leave the cab when you have to. With the Bob-Dock mounting system, you can change most hydraulic attachments without stepping outside the cab to remove or connect hoses. This makes it an ideal solution for operators taking on challenging jobs in harsh climates, such as clearing snow after a storm, cleaning out barns, and summer construction projects.

While the Bob-Dock mounting system’s floating coupler block equips your loader with a hands-free connection point, the standard couplers located on the lift arm remain ready to use. You can utilize the full lineup of approved Bobcat attachments – with or without the Bob-Dock adapter plate attached.

Approved Models

The Bob-Dock mounting system can be used with the following Bobcat loaders and attachments
- Compact Track Loaders: T630, T650, T740, and T770
- Skid-Steer Loaders: S630, S650, S740, S770, and A770
- Most Hydraulic Attachments
- Non-Hydraulic Attachments