Fecon Excavator mulcher rental

fecon fmx36 mulcher rental

Built for 5-10 ton excavators and equipped with a 36" cutting width. The Fecon Bull Hog is perfect for clearing trees & brush along roadsides, ravines, creeks and other difficult to reach places. 

Add versatility to your business with Bull Hog mulching attachments for excavators. The incredible performance and durability of the Bull Hog will lead you to excellent productivity, even in hard-to-reach places. Attached to an excavator, the Bull Hog forestry mulchers are perfect for clearing trees and brush along roadsides, ravines, creeks, riverbanks, and places that could otherwise be difficult to reach.

Fecon FMX36
Working Width36"
Overall Width44"
Weight850 lbs
Flow Range12-40 GPM
Cutting Tools18