Doosan DX350LC-5

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Check out the Doosan DX350LC-5!

The Doosan DX350LC-5 is a 35 Metric Ton Crawler Excavator. The most popular size excavator in the state of Michigan for construction, demolition, and anything in between. 



The Doosan DX350LC-5 offers 4 work modes to get you through any job! Choose between Digging, Lifting, Breaker, & Shear modes. The long arm package is an operating weight of 80,769 lb. and a max dig depth of 27' 2".

Doosan DX350LC-5 SpecsLong Arm
Max Digging Reach39' 1"
Max Digging Depth27' 2"
Max Loading Height25'
Operating Weight80,769 lb
Ground Pressure7.1 psi
Counterweight15,653 lb.


Take the controls. For every dollar you spend on your equipment, Doosan gives you more. Powerful hydraulic forces with high horsepower and torque characteristics bring superior production. Low-emission engines utilize high-pressure common rail electronic fuel injection for superior top-end performance and a strong low-end torque rise. Powerful arm and bucket forces on our excavators allow you to move dirt with ease. Performance is what it’s all about; Doosan delivers what you need – and then some.

Arm & Bucket Force

Superior hydraulics deliver ample power to the arm and bucket for digging, loading trucks and more. A one-touch power boost momentarily amplifies your hydraulic power, helping you take on difficult digging conditions that slow other machines down. Add it all up for exceptional productivity.

One-Touch Power Boost

The convenient button on the right-hand joystick provides momentary increased hydraulic power to break through hard ground and other tough digging conditions.

4 Power Modes

Selectable power modes give you more control over your excavator’s performance. Manage the balance of fuel consumption and machine power to your liking, based on your working conditions.

Standard Power Mode

Optimized your fuel consumption & delivers high performance in everyday digging, grading and lifting.

Economy Mode

consumption for low-demand applications and slows down machine movement, which is handy for fine digging, light grading conditions and jobsite conditions that require extra precision.

Power Mode

Provides excellent power & superior performance for tough digging and heavy lifting. It also provides quick truck loading and fast travel speed to save time.

Power + Mode

Delivers the fastest workgroup speeds to save more  time when loading trucks. Top digging performance delivers extra power for digging in hard ground and other tough conditions.