tow behind BLOWERS

The Buffalo Turbine Tow-Behind Debris blowers are the “work horses” of the debris blower industry. All of the tow-behind units are self-contained systems that only require fuel (gas or diesel) for full operation. The tow-behind units all have bolt-on trailer packages that can be easily removed for the ability to skid-mount the machine. Make quick work of any debris problem with our complete line of tow-behind debris blowers.

Utilizing a pin-hitch assembly, the tow-behind systems allow the operator increased versatility to attach to many different vehicle/machine types. Another aspect of versatility is the option to remove the bolt-on trailer assembly and mount the systems in the bed of a UTV, Gator or pick-up truck.

Tow-behind systems are available in different horsepower ratings as well as gasoline and diesel options.