insect control & crop maintenance blowers

For more than 70 years Buffalo Turbine has designed and built powerful, quality spraying equipment for pest control using our turbine technology. The CSM3 Mist Sprayer is effective when barrier spraying, larviciding and where certain “knock-down” spraying applications are needed, as well as for odor control on dump sites. The CSM3 Mist Sprayer is instrumental in pest control, mosquito spraying, combating the West Nile Virus and other vector transmitted diseases. This unit is used to help control flies, mosquitoes and other bugs on dairy farms, horse farms, parks, military compounds, commercial and residential areas.

The CSM3 Mist Sprayer uses turbulent air to apply a thorough and wide range of coverage not possible by other sprayer units. This unit is capable of producing enough power to penetrate through deep, thick vegetation and tall trees. Distances of 100 to 150 feet or more are attainable when using most liquids. Coverage distances with optional dust/granular bin will vary depending on the material used. (The Altosid® XR pellets test propelled material up to 75 ft.)

Buffalo Turbine has entered into a partnership with Clarke Mosquito Control and Services as of October 2016 to distribute the Buffalo Turbine sprayer line for the United States and Caribbean – for more information on pricing and product options visit Clarke’s’ website