Bobcat Small Articulated loaders

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Small articulated loaders can take on a multitude of big challenges in small spaces – while minimizing disturbance to established surfaces. These nimble loaders offer a tight-turning articulation joint that allows maneuverability in tight spaces along with a turf-safe mode to limit the chance of cutting into the turf as it turns or hauls a load. Bobcat® small articulated loaders offer impressive lifting capability and a compact size that easily works inside fenced-in landscapes, pens, nurseries and more. From material handling to grounds maintenance, this small machine can take on many kinds of landscaping projects.  

Bobcat SAL Features

Bobcat small articulated loaders offer a unique solution for customers who work in tight jobsites. The nimble, ground-friendly design includes an articulation joint that makes the machine highly maneuverable while minimizing ruts and tears. It’s small, but delivers serious performance plus a level of comfort and ease of use that maximizes productivity.

impressive lifting capacity

Bobcat small articulated loaders offer impressive lifting capabilities to improve productivity in tight workspaces. They include a standard integrated counterweight for optimal lift capacity.

minimal ground disturbance

Small articulated loaders feature an articulation joint for tight turning and a light overall footprint to minimize a tight-turning articulated steering and light overall footprint to minimize cuts or tears in the turf when turning or hauling a load.

tight turning radius

An articulation joint enables the rear tires to match the path of the front tires when turning, for a highly nimble machine that navigates around obstacles and works well in tight areas.

Telescoping LIft ARm

A telescoping lift arm on select models extends your lifting height and keeps the load level as you handle materials up high.


Cross-ventilation windows and an optional enclosed, heated cab keep operators comfortable in every season.

bobcat attachments

Add Bobcat attachments and manage more projects and more jobs with one machine. You can adapt to a new task in minutes.