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TS-WB1900V Crusher by Okada


Okada’s wide product range of TS-WB concrete crushers give you a concrete solution for your carrier. Unlike some hydraulic breakers, TS-WB crushers do not emit noise or vibration and are environmentally friendly and safe.

360° Rotation Mechanism

TS-WB crushers are equipped with the ability to rotate 360°.

Twin High-Output Cylinders

Create tremendous crushing force.

Speed Valve

The unique Okada speed valve utilizes return oil from the hydraulic cylinders to greatly increase the cycle speed of the crusher and is standard on TS-WB crushers.

Wide Jaw Opening

With the widest jaw opening in its class, the TS-WB lets you tackle the most massive demolition jobs, processing large concrete beams and sections quickly and efficiently.

Wedge Arm

Wedge shaped crushing arms efficiently and powerfully penetrate and crush reinforced concrete.

Rebar Cutting Blade

Troublesome rebar can be processed as part of the crushing process.

Operating Weight (lbs) 16,340
Oil Flow (GPM) 92-198
Operating Pressure (PSI) 4350
Overall Length (Inches) 140
Overall Width (Inches) 102
Max Jaw Opening (Inches) 75
Crushing Force at Tip (US Tons) 225
Carrier Weight Range (1000 lbs) 132-220

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